Selected Professional distinctions and memberships (including honours, prizes, scholarships, boards, leadership or governance roles)

2019         Scientific Chair of the Interdisciplinary projects panel for Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). Attendance for panels chair initiation meeting December 13, 2018. Chair duties November 2019. Externally Funded Attendance by FWO. 14,200 euro (23,000 AUD)

2018         Recipient of USQ Aspire: Senior Academic Development Program for high performance and high potential individuals

2017         Core founding member for FIRST Australian chapter for Animal Interaction Design; OzACI

2017         Expert evaluator for European Commission funding proposals

2013-15     Workpackage leader Urban Vibrations and Culturally Enhanced Augmented Reality (CultAR) for Tactile and Audio Solutions.

2013-15     Member of the scientific board for EU project CultAR 

2011-17    Member of Study Board, Art and Technology, Aalborg University, DK

2009-10    Marie Curie Fellow for Mobile Augmented Reality and Context in Urban Settings (MARCUS) researcher exchange 

2009         Nominated Best Paper Award, CHI2009: Morrison, A et al. Like Bees Around the Hive: A Comparative Study of a Mobile Augmented Reality Map. 

2009-10    Australian Centre for Interaction Design (ACID) PhD scholarship.

2008-10    Member of the scientific board for EU project IPCity.

2008-10    EU-ICT-IP funded project for IPCity: CityWall; a 3D multi-touch display and MapLens; a mobile augmented reality application 

2007         [braccetto] consultancy, HxI national initiative for crisis management, Australia.

2006-07     iRoom project, Global coach Stanford University ME310 projects with 3 visits to Stanford and leading UQ and Stanford team as global coach.

2006         Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC2006) Allocate Scholarship 

2006         Apple Australian Universities Consortium (AUC2006) AUC Cocoa Scholarship

2005         Best Teacher Award, Visual Thinking Course, University of Queensland

2002-03     dLux Media Arts Board, Sydney

2003         Studio, Cite des Artes Internationale, Paris.

2003         UWS Research Visit, Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany

1991         Studio, Cité des Artes Internationale, Paris (3 month studio working space)