The Original Cog Character From the VRML version of the Moo


Moving Words
Flickr Work In Progress
Essay of DAC2000 version
Word @ DAC2000

Creepers's PhD

In Progress Shots Of Talk2Me

The Word: The Wall => Talk2Me

Preparing Talk2Me at The Block


Talk2Me is an instance of the work in audio moo format as an interactive physical computing installation: augmented collaborative conversations. There is also this screen-based instance. These are different versions adapted to their respective environments.

Flickr work in Progress will show you the work evolving into an audio moo developed for a physical interactive environment work.

Moving Words will give you a sense of the word play in the space. Essays, DAC2000 conference and Anna/ creeepers PhD are all part of the milieu the work emerged from and instigated.

Enquiries should be directed to ann.morrison [at] org